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Hair Waxing for Men & Women, Houston

Does your wonder-down-under resemble the Amazon jungle? Have you had a poor waxing experience? Are you tired of shaving your legs only to have hair stubble return, or razor burns the very next day? If this is you, our salon offers hair removal that solves all these problems and more.

Stay Silky Smooth Up To 6 Weeks
With a regular waxing schedule, each separate growing cycle of hair has an opportunity to be waxed. This results in your skin staying hair-free longer - plus never having to shave, or use those stinky creams again.

Complete Skin Care Solutions
Our salon's licensed esthetician can help determine your skin type and how best to improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. She can also advise you on how to prepare for waxing - and suggest aftercare for the condition of your skin. And for your convenience, we also carry a full line of quality skin care products.
male & female waxing Waxing for Men & Women
All waxing services are available to both men and women. The Brazilian wax (for male and female) has become extremely popular. Check the price page for costs.
relax with a facial Facial Treatments
A relaxing, invigorating facial can be just what you need to make your skin look and feel younger. All our products are natural and free of synthetics too.
clients review services Customer Testimonials
Authentic comments provided by real customers about their experiences and satisfaction with waxing. We would be more than happy to list your review too!
questions & answers Frequently Asked Questions
Read answers to the most requested information about the benefits of waxing such as how long it lasts, how best to prepare for your session and more.
Bare As A Baby's Behind
From underarms, legs and eyebrows, to a Bikini, Brazilian and full body waxing, our Houston skincare salon provides the expertise, privacy and professionalism to keep your skin satin smooth, healthy and free of hair for weeks at a time. And we will always treat you with dignity, compassion and respect - that, you can rely upon.

Simply Great Hair Removal - Make An Appointment Today
Our motto is simple: take pride in providing you with one of the best waxing services in Houston. All beauty skin care products used are the finest brand names in the business; you'll love them. Discover for yourself true individualized treatment. Make an appointment and feel extra special.

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