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Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a little about myself and my skin care business here in Houston. My name is Elaina S. Richardson and I'm originally from San Diego, CA. I have three grown children and I currently live in the Katy area. I've been an Aesthetician for over 10 years now.

My Background In Skin Care
My interest in skin care evolved after seeing an Esthetician for a series of acne facials. The results were so positive and profound that I began to research, and discovered how our body's skin is actually its largest organ.

An important function of our skin is to expel toxins and impurities from the body. Its appearance also reveals how healthy we are. As I became enchanted with the way skin works, I learned about the modalities to keep it vibrant and clean. And since I wanted to do something that I loved, I decided to pursue esthiology as a career.

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WaxWorks waxing salon
Professional Credentials
I graduated from the Aveda Institute and The Dallas Center for Advanced Aesthetics. I was student of the month several times by test scores and attendance. I am a M.A.P. (Medical Aesthetics Provider) with 750 hours of esthiology, which included physiology, histology, anatomy and sanitation.

I believe skincare is about balance; we should only apply to our skin that which is natural and minimal. All the products, supplies, and materials used for the care of my customers are of the highest quality and brand new. Plus you can always expect my waxing salon to be kept squeaky clean.

Berodin/Berins Wax Berodin/Berins Wax
I use genuine, Berodin® brand wax; it's considered the first choice of many professional estheticians. I selected it for its texture and flexible nature. You'll especially enjoy how this particular wax adheres to your hair, rather than your skin.

Exclusive, Private and Discreet
I am truly passionate about my work and I want all my clients to feel safe and secure. You will always feel comfortable knowing that your waxing session is completely private and performed inside a serene environment behind a locked door. Discretion and privacy are top priorities at my salon.

Allow Me To Wax You - Call For Your Appointment
Compared with some of the other large (and expensive) salons in Houston, I think you'll really be pleased with my personalized care. The time and attention given to each of my clients calms and reassures them, and makes them feel special. Request your appointment and see for yourself.

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