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Waxing Prices, Houston TX, Hair Removal

Women Wax Service Men
Starting Prices
$50 Arms $60
$65 Back $75
$45 Bikini $55
$65 Brazilian $80
$45 Buttocks (full) $60
$45 Chest $65
---- Ears & Nose $20
$45 Face ----
$300 Full Body $400
$70 Legs $85
$40 Half-Legs $55
$30 Stomach $40
$25 Under Arm $35
Cost For Scheduled Waxing Maintenance
Women Wax Service Men
$40 Arms $50
$20 Half-Arms $25
$45 Back $65
$35 Bikini $45
$55 Brazilian $70
$35 Buttocks (full) $45
$40 Chest $55
$15 Chin ----
---- Ears & Nose $15
$15 Eyebrows $20
$25 Face ----
$235 Full Body $355
$65 Legs $75
$35 Half-Legs $45
$15 Neck $25
$10 Sideburns $15
$25 Stomach $35
$25 Under Arm $40
$10 Upper Lip ----

Experience Real Benefits With Less Cost

Waxing regularly enables hair to be removed more easily, resulting in faster, more effective sessions.
Routine waxing results in softer, thinner, finer hair - and in some cases, less or no hair re-growth.
By maintaining regular waxing appointments, you will feel less discomfort with each subsequent visit.
Scheduled monthly visits help many people's skin stay smooth for up to 6 weeks between appointments.
Adopting a consistent schedule together with proper exfoliation helps prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs.
Recurring appointments can be automatically scheduled for your preferred day/times without any hassle.
Establishing a monthly waxing program essentially gives you better results - and more for your money.
High Quality & Affordable Prices
Costs should be secondary to the quality of service given to clients. I strive to maintain fair, competitive prices for waxing while at the same time focusing on being the quintessential hair removal salon in Houston. With something so intimate as removing body hair, you shouldn't have to compromise superior care for a lower price.

Using only the finest wax and supplies, I purchase in quantity whenever possible. Combined with the fact that WaxWorks is a completely independent operation with much less overhead than large chains, my clients receive the best skin care at the lowest costs, plus they enjoy personalized attention not always available elsewhere.

Request An Appointment - You'll Be Smooth As Satin
Beware poorly-rated waxing places charging more than their staff or skills are worth. Come to WaxWorks and experience the exceptional difference that only a small wax studio dedicated to customer satisfaction can provide. Make an appointment and discover quality waxing for less.

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