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Waxing Salon Reviews, Houston, TX

In any business, especially one so personal as waxing, it matters what other people say about your services. Written by our customers (both men and women), these waxing reviews represent the value of WaxWorks Skincare. You can also read more reviews and post your own at Google and Yelp.

"If you want an esthetician who focuses on not just removing your hair, but the health of your skin too, then Elaina is the person you want to choose. Her time and care during my waxing experience was both personal and professional. She took the time to educate me about after care that would improve my skin quality and prepare me for better results on subsequent visits. She is great and I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a more personal waxing experience than the chain spas can offer. She's the best!"
--Monique Forward, Missouri City, TX

"Elaina makes waxing so easy. She's made a believer out of me. Wax really does work!"
--Joyce Jones, Sugarland, TX

"I can't speak for other guys, however, since having a painful experience a couple years back with a different provider, I was apprehensive about waxing EVER again. At the same time, I dreaded having to constantly shave, plus deal with razor rash. Elaina's gentle, caring, reassuring technique enabled me to quickly relax (which isn't easy to do) and she finished the job just as you would expect from a pro. I've returned several times - and hey, it really DOES get better each visit. If you're looking for competence, comfort and privacy, Elaina is the lady to call."
--John Thomas, Houston, TX

"Elaina goes above and beyond to make your experience enjoyable and relaxing. Great products, service, and customer service exceed my expectations. I could not ask for better and would recommend her to anyone."
--Lori McLaughlin, Houston, TX

"I went to Elaina for my first ever Brazilian wax almost 2 years ago. I was scared to death. She was so calming and patient with me that I will not go anywhere else. I have now been staying out of State and come back in town just to get my waxing done by Elaina. If you are experienced in getting waxed this will be a walk in the park. If you are a virgin, have no fears when the wax is in Elaina's hands. Thank you Elaina for your patience and knowledge. You are a blessed person and I'm glad to have you."
--Lisa Burnham, Houston, TX

"I have hair on my back and chest which Elaina removed quite easily. She was able to remove it in one visit. I have gone back to her many times now and will continue. I have gone to other waxing clinics and they all were bad experiences. Elaina put me at ease. The special wax she uses along with her skills makes it all work out fine."
--Vaughn Beaumont, Houston, TX

"I used to get my eyebrows waxed at the same place that I received a pedicure. I always felt like they waxed my brows too thin and their wax always irritated my face. They also never seemed very sanitary or hygienic. I came to Elaina for an eyebrow wax. First of all, her suite was incredibly clean and I like that the location is very convenient and upscale. She has all of her licenses posted for you to see which puts me at ease. She also uses a wax that didn't seem to irritate my skin nearly as much as other waxes that have been used on me. The little redness that I did have, she was able to take care of with soothing skin products. She did such a good job that I sent my husband to her to get his brows trimmed and cleaned up so that they're not so bushy. He usually complains about the pain, but not when I sent him to Elaina. I don't know if it's her technique or the wax, or both, but either way I'm sticking with her."
--Courtney Williams, Katy, TX

"Elaina has been doing my facials for two years now. She is so experienced in caring for aging skin. I get lots of compliments on how youthful my face looks."
--Mary Eaton, Houston, TX

"Excellent job on the waxing. I was kind of leery about being a guy and getting my eyebrows and ears waxed, but you definitely made it a quick and relatively painless experience. My wife immediately noticed a difference when she first saw me without even saying anything. When I need to have them cleaned up again, please leave an open slot for me."
--James Williams, Houston, TX

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