Brazilian Waxing, Houston Men, Women

There's no doubt about it - removing undesirable body hair to have smooth skin is more popular today than ever. All over the country, men and women have discovered how waxing is hands-down the most convenient, reliable and efficient method to manage unwanted hair.

It's The Ultimate Clean Feeling
With busy lives and the trend toward bare skin, our Houston waxing salon can relieve you of the time-consuming burden of shaving, and the potential dangers of laser hair removal and depilatory creams.

By far, the Brazilian wax is our most sought after treatment, followed by legs, underarms and eyebrow waxing. If desired, we can also perform whole body hair removal.

Given that every person is different, male and female alike will appreciate our aftercare solutions for keeping waxed skin healthy, soft and free of ingrown hairs for weeks. Your health, safety and privacy are very important. Our salon's work environment is always kept clean with fresh linens and new supplies for each client's session.

Complete Waxing Services Performed
Full Body
Under Arm
Upper Lip
Hair-free Is The New Attraction
People in general have become more open and vocal about their personal preferences for style and physical appearance. Many women insist that their men be free of back hair - not to mention an increasing number of both sexes are asking their partners to remove pubic hair too - for that ultra smooth, daring look and feel.

Together with proper hygiene and the right products for exfoliation, a regular waxing schedule will keep your skin free of unwanted hair for several weeks, it will eliminate the hassle of shaving and do away with unsightly razor burns. Getting waxed is for guys who demand convenience - and for gals who want to feel luxurious.

Request An Appointment Today - Be Silky Smooth Tomorrow
Whether you're a man, or a woman, you'll enjoy all the benefits of our safe and effective waxing technique. We offer some of the best prices in Houston for Brazilian, legs, underarms and whole body wax. You'll be completely satisfied. Request your appointment by email, phone, or text.

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